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There are many key points while evalutaion the quality of cow and lamb meat in North Cyprus.While providing the cow and lamb meat to our clients we are considering to find the best flavour in order to provide the best quality and service.


About beef and lamb meat...

We strongly suggest to our clients to choose correct meat while cooking because lamb or cow meat has huge flavor differences and it’s so important to find the right flavour when you cook.

In order to get more details:

Sirloin and ribeye steaks are the pieces found in the back of the cow. Usually pan cooking method preferred for sirloin and ribeye steaks. In order to have a best result while cooking you need to choose the most rested meat.

The softest part of meat is tenderloin. It is one of the rare pieces of tenderloin that does not contain any fat. It’s very tasty and has a high protein value. It’s generally knows as a ‘Lokum et’.

If you think the meat you buy is tough and will stay same while cooking, you can marinate your meat before you cook and get a better result. When you marinate meat, it will be much softer and will have a better taste. You can get more detailed information by clicking the link below about marinade meat.


In order to make the best burger, you need to use %70 cow ribs and %30 cow leg. The best reciepe If you would like to increase the level of fat for the burger you need to use more cow ribs when you prepare the burger meat.

You can choose any part of the cow if you would like to buy a dry aged meat. Specially ribeye and sirloin steak are most preferred meat while buying a dry aged. In order to get best result you need to dry meat at least 30 days. After 30 days of drying, meat will be so soft and tasty.This will help you to cook it much easier on the pan or on the grill.

You can use both lamb and cow meat for dry aged. You can dry age lamb meat as well. Lamb rib,leg and chop will be so soft and tasty after dry age. You can dry two weeks lamb leg or shoulder in order to get best shish from the lamb. It will be enough to dry aging between 10 or 12 days lamb chop or rib.

You can order you meat everyday during between 11:00 – 15:00 and make a payment with credit card.

You can return the prodcut at the same day you purchase it. You can get a refund or change it with other product while returning the meat.

Cow meat starts to get a darker colour because of air contact when it stays in the grocery store refrigerator. When the meat gets darker colour, it will not affect the quality of a meat.

You can keep the meat that you purchased from butcher in your refrigerator maximum one day. For the second day you need to put the meat info to freezer in order to aviod of deformity.

You can keep cow and lamb meat in the freezer between 6 – 12 months.In order to avoid deformation, you need to packed the meat well and avoid air contact.