Which parts of the lamb are used?

The leg part of the lamb is considered as roast, the steak part is considered as skewer and piece meat. You can use the leg of lamb as a roast, and the steak as a skewer. The fillet taken out of various parts of the lamb is suitable for roasting as a whole. The cutlets obtained from their ribs are grilled and panned as well. The shoulder part is preferred as a piece of meat in vegetables and seasoned dishes. Fillets can be seasoned with various spices and roasted in the oven. The arm part is used as piece of meat in boiled, seasoned and vegetable dishes. It is considered as neck, boiled and cold cuts. The foot part known as trotters is used as boiled or in dishes with seasoned. Shank is considered as a kebab in the oven. The head of lamb can be baked or boiled.


It is enough to cook both sides for a minute. To cook whole cutlets, called cages, a longer grilling process than normal.

Back part
You can find the chop in the back section. Rib is thougher than chops but you can cook it on barbeque as well.

Leg or Shoulder?
Front legs are called shoulder and back called leg. Since both are the types of meat cooked on the bone, they give excellent results in long oven cooking.


The part from the hoof to the ankle. it is delicious if it is boiled or baked long in the oven.

It’s a part of a neck. It tastes perfect when cooked whole. Whether you make the soup or the vegetable meal

It’s the tenderloin of a lamb. It has a taste of Turkish delight, it does not come to overcooking.