Types of Cow Meat

Ribeye Steak

It is located at the very beginning of the back section of cow. When we cook a thick slice in a pan without losing its water, you get the most saturated, juicy meat you can eat from ribeye steak. When choosing ribeye steak, it is very important to have a marble look inside in the meat. This detail is the most important factor to get best delicious result.

Sirloin Steak

It is located at the end of the back section of cow. When it is cut thin and marinated, it gives a good result in barbecue.


Since it is too soft, it will be hard if it is cooked a little too much. It is very delicious when cooked in its consistency. It is suitable for flat or trace pan cooking.

Round Meat

If you marinate for 24 hours and cook it first on the grill and then in the oven, you will have a delicious taste.


It goes well with boiling, just like lamb, or long cooking in the oven. A perfect result is obtained with vegetables as the bone and bone marrow enters the water during boiling.


It’s called Ribs. It is preferred for making minced meat. It is the most ideal type of meat for meatballs and homemade burgers.

Roast beef

It is the area just below the round meat. It is known as the most suitable type of roast beef in the oven.


Genellikle kuşbaşılık kullanılır. It is sometimes preferred for meatballs and homemade burger. If used like cubes, it is considered as a good alternative in pot dishes.

Shoulder & Leg

It’s just like a feast meal. It can be cooked in the oven with vegetables.