It’s ‘Kuru Dinlendirme’ in turkish language. This is not a cooking method, it is a method of processing meat. Especially beef; “Dry Aged” is the resting of valuable pieces such as ribeye, chop, t-bone for 28-30 days at a humidity of 80% – 86% and a temperature of + 2 ° C.

The purpose of hiding outer fat and bones; they both give flavor to the meat and protect the shape of the meat. The specified temperature is the temperature at which the meat produces minimal bacteria without freezing. In other words, meat intensively produces bacteria at temperatures above 5 degrees.

Any part of the cow meat primarily loses water while resting in the dry age fridge. Thus, the natural flavors of the meat emerge. In addition to this, the various enzymes in the natural structure of the meat helps to make meat much more softer in the 28-day process. Dry-aged meat yields between 20% and 30% wastage. The reason for this is the water it lost. In other words, 1 kg meat in the dry aged fridge will loose 200 – 250 gr in 28 days. .

In addition, since the exterior of the meat will dry during resting in 28 days, you need to clean the exterior side of the meat. . But it’s worth it to capture this flavor.